New Page! Sarge, the Reputation, and Elizabeth Elmore Have Arrived!

Now that the site is redone, it’s time for some new content.  I have added a page detailing Sarge, the Reputation, and Elizabeth Elmore.  Plus, I have updated some more images:

Glitterhouse Invades Pette Discographies

A few more additions today.  I decided to stop ignoring the Glitterhouse/Sub Pop Europe versions of Sub Pop albums and singles.  I have not yet included any images that were not already in place, but I added catalogue numbers for just about every crossover Sub Pop item I have on here.  Also added:

Flurry of Updates

I know it has been a while since my last update.  I was focusing more on the site’s overall design and less on the content.  Of course, I haven’t really gotten anywhere on the design, and have just ignored the content, so I decided it was time for some updates.  Here are the newest additions and updates:

Whigging Out

Today, I added a second Sub Pop LP page (SP51 – SP100).  I also cleaned up my Afghan Whigs pages a little.  I added a different picture of the blue-green marble version of Up In It (this one is a more accurate depiction of the color), along with a  blue marble version of Up In It, which I just discovered existed.  I re-worked the Somethin’ Hot 7″ entry, and I received proof that the clear vinyl Ornament 7″ existed.  Finally, I added an interesting pink marble variation of the Sister Brother 7″, which looks to be a cross between pink marble and purple marble.

Sub Pop LP Update

I beefed up the Sub Pop LP page a little, adding a few images and some clarifications.  I am still missing a few images.  The next LP page (up to SP100) is in progress, but I am missing a lot more images for that one.  If anyone can help, email me.

Sub Pop LPs: Catering to the Masses

Some significant additions:

Cleaning Up Singles Club V2

Cleaned up all of the images on the Sub Pop Singles Club V2 page.  Those pictures looked horrible.  They look a little better now.  I also added a blue-purple version of the Anniversary 7″ (thanks to Chris).  On the Fluid pages, I added pictures of the yellow vinyl Buzzcocks covers comp, as well as the cassette version of the Mr. Blameshifter single (thanks to Jason).