Pette Discogs’ Best Albums of 2016 (and Late 2015)

‘Tis time. My annual music review has been something I have put together for several years, but I have generally limited it to a personal Facebook post. That seems a little silly, considering these vast tools at my disposal to reach at least 5-10 additional people who might care. So, I’m expanding the reach this year. Here we go: my favorite albums of 2016 (and late 2015, if I did not get to it by 2015, but it counts because I make the rules). The first few entries here are interchangeable in my rankings – they are all albums I have listened to incessantly since I discovered them.

1. Tacocat – Lost Time
I was way late to the game on Tacocat. Then, I was listening to extensively curated female-singer-indie-rock channel on Pandora, and Pandora and I had a discussion, which essentially amounted to Pandora saying, “Um, you like Tacocat, dumbass. No, really. Get on that,” and me saying, “Mmhm.” We had that conversation about three times before I paid attention. Pandora was correct, and I have remedied the problem. I am now caught up. The good news is this happened at the perfect time: about a month before the release of a new Tacocat album, followed by not one, but two rare DC tour appearances. It’s true: I  Tacocat and you should, too. Their newest album, Lost Time, covers all kinds of fun topics, but I will leave that to you to work through.

Highlights: Talk
I Hate the Weekend
Dana Katherine Scully

2. S P O R T S – All of Something (2015)
Heartfelt, energetic, solid indie rock with a distinct hint of a midwestern sound. This album grabbed me immediately…I just didn’t hear it until early 2016. I read a review of All of Something shortly after I heard it that made it sound as though this band had all the makings of one that was not long for this world (some members – but not all – graduated from college and moved from Ohio to Philly). It hasn’t done them in yet.

Highlights: Saturday
Reality TV

3. Bloodboy – Best of Bloodboy EP
No, Bloodboy is not a hardcore or metal band (at least not yet) – just solo singer/songwriter Lexie Papilion. I am still trying to figure out how I found my way to this EP. It contains sounds one would normally expect to find exclusively in ’80s songs (and for those of you saying, “I love ’80s songs!” I did not mean that as a positive). It works, though. It really works. These are phenomenal songs. Intense, biting, and infectious – I have been listening to this EP repeatedly for the past couple of months. If only there were a physical product so that I could give her money for her music… Anyway, this EP is a stellar debut and I look forward to what is to come.

Highlights: Keep Your Disease
Hey Kid
Fuck Yourself (I find it endlessly entertaining that Amazon refers to this one as “Fuck Yourself [Explicit]”…y’think?)
Mom, I’ve Changed

Oh, just listen to the whole thing. It’s all good. The last track doesn’t hold my attention quite as much as the first five, but it’s still good.

4. Blowout – No Beer, No Dad
Blowout sounds like early Lemuria…I mean they REALLY remind me of early Lemuria. This is a fantastic development – I miss early Lemuria. It’s catchy indie-punk songs at their finest. This is their first full length, and it has also been occupying my stereo with great regularity in the latter part of this year.

Highlights: Guts Grown Up
Cents Cents Money Money
Green Couch

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Well, check that out: I went and made a Pette Discogs blog.  This format should make it easier for me to post about some of the individual records I have researched in recent years.  I have replaced the blog-ish part of the main site with this one and am loading all of my old posts from that site on here so that they are archived better.

Overhaul Complete (Mostly)

Alright – here we go.  I am basically done with all of the site updates I wanted to perform.  Amongst our updates are fear, surprise, a ruthless efficiency…sorry…reflex…this is what is new:

– Every record on the site now has its own page.  You can still view the full pages of entries if you care to read them all as a story, but it will now be much easier to get to one specific entry.  All of my full discogs on here now have index pages, thereby enabling you to get to those individual entry pages with greater ease.  I am building index pages for all of the partial discogs on here as well, but that’s another big project that I will finish gradually (that would be the “mostly” done to which I alluded in the title above…).

– I added a full band list, which includes every band that has any kind of entry on this site.  The partial discography links are not live yet…again, I’m doing that gradually.  I did not want to hold up the rollout of the rest of the site for that.

– I have included a forum to help fuel your record collecting needs.  There is a link in the menu above, but it can be found here: Pette Discographies Forum.

– There have lots of little behind-the-scenes upgrades that should help me expand the site better in the future.  You don’t care about those details, but I promise, they took a long time.

I hope the new site is enjoyable.  Now, let’s get back to the new content, shall we?  Next up…Fishbone.

Lots of Updates Coming

I know it has been forever since the last update on here.  That will all change in the very near future.  I have been working on another large scale site design update for a while now.   Nothing is live yet, but I am almost done.  It will make the site much more user friendly.  I have been reluctant to make any big content changes until I finished the redesign.  Add in an international move, and 2010 was a slow website update year.  I have a lot coming over the first couple of months of 2011, though.  Stay tuned!

Unprecedented Sub Pop Auction

It is time.  I am going to refocus my collection slightly, and spend some time on getting some higher-end items from my want list.  To that end, I have decided to unload my complete Sub Pop Singles Club V1 set – all colors of all singles (except Love Buzz).  There are certainly some records in the set that I want to keep in my collection.   I have already replaced those items.  This is a unique opportunity for a lucky collector somewhere.   Tell your friends!

Big Sale

Well, I have decided to unload a bunch of Sub Pop test pressings.  I had been amassing them for a giant trade a while back, but the other party disappeared, and I have not heard from him in over a year.  I think it’s time.  I can’t keep that much cash tied up in records I don’t plan to have in my collection forever, so…there you go.  A big batch is up over at our favorite auction site, so take a look at my current listings should you have some interest.  It’s not all test pressings, either.  There are some nice rarities for sale as well.

Pette Discographies Overhaul

Welcome to the new Pette Discographies site, updated for the 21st century! I have rebuilt the whole site, essentially from the ground up. I have held off on a great deal of updates due to the grand overhaul, so there should be a lot of new entries coming soon. I still have some image touch-up work to do on some of the images, but that work is almost entirely done. If you see something that is not working correctly, please let me know. Stay tuned to this page for all sorts of new updates in the coming weeks.

LP Image Improvements

Lots of updates over the past few days.  I replaced basically all of the LP images.  The new ones are much clearer pictures.  Let’s see…what else…added black vinyl versions of Rocket from the Crypt’s first two albums, the UK Afghan Whigs Gentlemen LP…and I unveiled a new page for the band Jale, which may only be of interest to me.