LP Image Improvements

Lots of updates over the past few days.  I replaced basically all of the LP images.  The new ones are much clearer pictures.  Let’s see…what else…added black vinyl versions of Rocket from the Crypt’s first two albums, the UK Afghan Whigs Gentlemen LP…and I unveiled a new page for the band Jale, which may only be of interest to me.

Settling In

I have all of my vinyl back with me, and am starting to get settled in my new place.  There will be several updates coming in the near future, as soon as I have my scanner back.  As for today, I added some clarity to the SP113 Dwarves entry.  Many have told me there is a black vinyl version of that one, but I am fairly certain that all of those have been the Sub Pop Europe versions.  I have also updated the want list to incorporate recent acquisitions.

Image Improvements

Some new images, some that I’d forgotten to add.

  • Love Battery – Snipe Hunt 7″ on blue vinyl…just found that one.
  • SP47 Skin Yard – white (better scan)
  • SP55 Tad – Loser – insert & better picture of the black one.
  • SP68 – Dinosaur Jr. – white (better scan)
  • SP80 Tad – Jinx rare variations. I’ve had these images for a while, but forgot to add the listings (thanks to Gregg Conover).
  • SP87 – Mark Arm – black

Email Is Back

The email address on here is now functional again.  There were some problems with it when I changed web hosts, but I have set it up correctly now.  I apologize to anyone who tried to get in touch with me when it wasn’t working.

A Few New Images

  • Afghan Whigs – Uptown Avondale 7″: placeholder pic until I get mine back
  • SP18 – Mudhoney – Touch Me I’m Sick: 2nd pressing purple marble vinyl version
  • SP55 – Tad – Loser: Light blue marble vinyl and black vinyl versions

Peoplehost Gets the FINGER.

Moved the site to a new web host!  Hooray!  Apparently, peoplehost has no customer service.  I tried for months to give them MORE money to increase my storage space, yet they could not handle this very simple operation.